I feel amazing this April because; first I joined a fitness program, am able to wake up by 5.30am every other day, and I have adjusted my eating habits. I suffered withdrawal symptoms the first two weeks mainly because I have a sweet tooth. Anybody who knows me knows I Love love cakes!! Once I start with a piece, I go on and on.  But, this is the best I can do for my body. Treat it with love and care. I also want to fit in garments like this one.


I’m a sucker for skirts! I can rock skirts from Sunday to Sunday. I love designing and sewing them. They give me joy and ultimate feminism. This one particularly, has an asymmetric zipper running from above the knee to the waistline as an opening. The black spandex material has tiny holes which gives a reflective feel due to different color of lining. I absolutely love how they both look with the taffeta turquoise blue crop top. The skirt can definitely be styled differently in a lot of ways. A t-shirt and sneakers is a vibe.  I threw in this gorgeous scarf grandma gave me and sunglasses as well. The shoes have long laces which work well since the skirt has a high slit.

IMG_0371 (1)

Have fun with the look; take care of your body and ultimately your health.

I designed and made all the garments by myself with love. Additionally, they have been worn one or more times. Some of the outfits might have running threads or normal wear and tear but absolutely wearable.

Top: Size 10-12 Skirt: Size 12-14

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Outfit Details: Top~Just Redinta: Skirt~House of Psalter: Shoes~New look Location Spinners Web  Photography by Jaw Reel

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