Whoop! whoop!!! we are officially on my birth month. I am proudly a Gemini. My prayer is that we get through the month without any tragedies.

Hello Loves,

As much as I am excited to be outside once again, I feel paranoid about touching anything. Also, we are in summer! I am getting all the short cute outfits off the closet and dress up.

I feel awkward putting make up on. It has been a month of a natural face, which I must admit, felt really nice. It was such a breather especially for someone who puts on make up often. Something I’m sad about is some outfits do not fit me. Obviously, because of numerous trips to the refrigerator and unlimited quarantine snacks. However, I shall resume to my usual lifestyle sooner than later. For now, let’s enjoy the look.

I paired this pleather skirt with this gorgeous printed blouse. Perfect for summer because it’s light weight, hip length therefore, can be paired with leggings and has summer prints which is a win. I styled it in various ways, do let me know your favorite.

I wish your May will be fruitful and full of blessings. Stay safe and it’s always great to see you come back. Xoxo.


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