Don’t y’all miss outside like I do? If you are currently in a country or city that is on lock down then we are in this together. Being ‘forced’ to stay at home feels different from just deciding on your own to stay indoors. And that really applies on almost everything we are ‘forced’ to do.

However, this quarantine has really taught us some life lessons. My biggest take home (I know I’m home, haha!) would be it’s really important to have emergency fund set aside. Seeing a lot of people laid off and salary cut is scary.  Especially because we do not know how long this situation will go on. Also, after this if the economy will stabilize quickly or not. But we hope for the best.

Jacket, Pants & Earrings: Max

Bra-let: Shein

Shoes: Call It Spring

I have also learnt I actually do not need to pay for a gym to work out, but to be quite honest, I binged a lot the first two weeks. It’s important to have liquid cash, consider a house with balcony, stay informed outside my demographics, life is short, and above all God is good all the time.

Let me know your take home below. Stay home, Stay safe.


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