Hello loves,

Yes!! I feel so refreshed and proud of myself. Anyone living in UAE can tell you having a license is such an achievement. I couldn’t hide my excitement thus it’s the first thing on the blog today.

Anyway, in this post, I wore a denim jumpsuit in an edgy way. Lemme jump right into it.

Well, the first time I saw this denim jumpsuit in a Guess Store, I knew someday I’ll have it in my closet. Every lady who tried it on looked amazing, it hugged the curves the right way. Shortly it was sold out. My Kenyan colleague and I were waiting for replenishment, and as soon as we received it we both bought it and saved some coins as it was discounted.


I threw in an 80’s inspired hip mesh black top with red trims at the sleeve length and a slogan at the back. I matched it with black wedge ankle boots that have zipper detail which adds style into it. I also incorporated an enchanted forest inspired cape with green glitters at the front to complete the edgy look. This look is a weekender. It can be worn when going for a barbecue event, casual meet-ups with a group of fashion enthusiasts, or simply stunt in theaters and art Go Downs. I absolutely love how it came about, and I hope you do too.

Thanks for stopping by. Xx

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: Guess

Mesh Top: Splash

Cape: Guess

Wedge ankle boots: Milano

Quick Tips: Always try out different things with your wardrobe, you might be surprised how skilled you are at putting style together.

Photography by:JawReel

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