IMG_0037Skirts can be all sorts of things, from flirty, sexy, feminine, modern or traditional depending on how it’s styled. I wouldn’t at any point get bored of wearing skirts every day.

Good to see you again,

How’s your new month coming along? This year started on a low key for me but slowly things are picking up. Looking forward for a bubbly month as the weather has been so favorable lately. Perhaps the best excuse to rock wedge boots. I was hesitant to mix up an asymmetric top with a flirty denim skirt, but I looked at the mirror and was like my, oh my, you guys complement each other so well. I like to call this look meet the pieces. I remember when I was in the fitting room trying out the top, and visualizing what I could possibly pair it with in my closet, believe me I was out of ideas. But style is about being different and standing out.


The challenge is where the thrill lies. It’s smart to pair it with the denim skirt, slightly shorter than the tip of the top. It can be worn with shorts as well. The skirt is ripped, which is my die-hard style! I accessorized with beaded necklace, a black chocker, a Masai sling bag and black ankle books. For a more casual and super comfy outcome you can wear sandals.

Okay, I’ll be honest. The look seems a little extra, which I absolutely love, because who says you have to follow a script. And style really is about throwing the pieces together and making it work for you. I agree with Oscar Wilde when he says ‘You can never be over dressed or over educated’.

This look is to remind you to embrace the chaos.




Photography by; OfRandomFaces


Top; New Look

Skirt; Thrifted from Nairobi

Shoes; Milano

Bag & necklace; Masai market, Kenya

Chocker; Forever21


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