The stripped dress


I was just bragging about winter the other day and now summer is slowly crawling back spreading its heat waves every now and then, how time flies!

Glad to see you,

How’s your week coming along? I have been busy with work projects and classes I have enrolled in. I like to constantly self – develop. This month proves to have a lot on its plate but I like to use the wardrobe to bring me some cheer as I navigate. This dress that I designed is one of my top choices. It’s super comfy especially of its kimono sleeves so I do not have to be cautious about my cute chubby arms.  The cinched waist is a win for it too. Let’s show ‘em curves, haha. It has a bright and fun nature perfect for summer. With all this running up and down, I definitely need something very light. I tucked my hair with this beautiful Masai (necklace). You can always improvise your accessories. IMG_0115 (2)

I teamed it up with sandals and hat which are summer essentials. This dress will definitely lighten my spirit and keep my optimism up this season. I hope your weekend works out great as well. Enjoy the post.

IMG_0103 (2)

Style Tips;

Your wardrobe creates mood for you. Wear something that makes you happy and you will be!

Outfit details;

Dress; My own design (Redinta’s Handiwork)

Shoes and hat; New look.





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Myk Maverick says:

    tunaelekea summer?…nice photos and advice too


    1. justredinta says:

      Summer inakuja thick and fast!


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