Be bold

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Style is what you make it to be by playing with your closet creatively and coming up with spectacular looks unique for you. Play around with your closet creatively and come up with different spectacular looks.

Feels amazing to see you come back,

Life is about taking risks and trying out what works. I like to extend this to my wardrobe. Here, played along with this GUESS shirt to achieve an Edgy look. A white shirt is like a master key in styling. You can wear them with anything, it’s a staple in your wardrobe. It’s how you wear that makes the difference. The hanging edges are a bold unique move to define style that is personal to me.


I never get enough of skirts and so I paired this white shirt with a denim skirt. .  This look is more successful with a longer and wider shirt.

I wore a blue heel to uplift the look. If you’re not a fan of high heels, try a mule or platform heel as they are more comfortable to walk in. This is one of those looks that tickle you into trying out your creativity and gets you so satisfied with the final outcome. Look and feel good meeting your girlfriends in this look on a social setting. I have styled this skirt differently here. Have a look.

IMG_0001 (2)IMG_0028

Enjoy the rest of the week folks.

Photography by, OfRandomFaces

Outfit Details;

Skirt; Thrifted

Shirt; Guess

Shoes; Oasis


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