All Day Comfort


This culottes bring back fond childhood memories. I was literally obsessed with my cousins’ culottes. Hers was a skort driving me to fall in love the more. My mum must have had enough of the embarrassment and got me my own.
Culottes is simply two skirt pieces which hang like a skirt yet it’s actually a pant. History has a way of repeating itself as they were mostly used in the 15th Century and we’re re-inventing them today. You have the liberty to play around with length and fit. The wide legged three quarter trouser is an all-day comfort. Their fit are chic as they accentuates the waist line perfectly.

Ankara has a way of making outfits eccentric and is perfect in re-inventing styles. What a better way to bring it to life than in culottes.   I absolutely love the bright colors and the fit. I paired with this white lace bodysuit (I have been buying body suits day in day out ever since I knew how comfortable they are) and a red turban to harmonize the look. If there’s any shoe that would write a book of its use in my rack, it would be this pair. I have been wearing this comfy flats all week round because I love how secure my legs feel when I tie the laces around.

Culottes is a definite staple in your closet.

Quick Tips:
Whenever your Ankara pieces are bleeding, soak them in water mixed with vinegar and salt for about one in full hour. or so. Also, applies when you buy a kitenge for a designer to make a garment for you. Soak it wholly beforehand to prevent shrinkage when the garment is already made.
Outfit Details:
Lace body suit; New look
Shoes: Bershka
Culottes: House Of Psalter







4 Comments Add yours

  1. Myk Maverick says:

    My best part is the mabuyu na soaking vitenge…


    1. justredinta says:

      I miss them though. Thank you.


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