Color Pool


I literally made this skirt hours to a wedding I was attending. That’s a glimpse life of a designer. We make our personal outfits mostly a day or hours to an event and actually like the thrill of it. I fell in love with the beautiful bright print when I set my eyes on it at Nairobi Textiles and I knew I had to rock on a colorful event. The skirt gives me so much joy and happiness and I can’t express how girly I feel in it.

Hi there,

Inverted pleats are so feminine and accentuates the waistline which is very admirable on all ladies. The beads on the waistline were from Kanaiya shop along river road in Nairobi, Kenya. I resonate with beads and almost all my clients’ designs had haute couture details.

Reasons why I love this tank top its sheer, covers my arms, it’s on natural waistline and it’s made with chiffon. This top was one of the very first garment I proudly ever made. It has an Ankara detail on the neckline which matched an Ankara skirt.

I paired the look with blue heels to harmonize with the beads.

IMG_3685 (2)

Do have a look and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. If your nature is adventurous these clothes are your work of art.

IMG_3616IMG_3646 (2)IMG_3601IMG_3619 (2)IMG_3605IMG_3698 (2)

I also used this look Here.

Quick Tips,

Do not be afraid to wear bright colors. They definitely brighten up your mood.

Photography by Samsonia Photography

Outfit details,

Top and Skirt: Redinta handiwork.

Shoes: Oasis

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