Sporty Vibes


Who wouldn’t want to be comfortable and happy with what they are wearing? Well, these two factors are the ultimate shopping spree guide.

Hello squad, and welcome back,


Should I call this garment a sweater dress or an oversized sweater? Depending on its styling it acts as both. Sweater dresses are a must have in your closet collection. You can wear them with tights and cute booties or, like in this post, go bare. It’s super easy to go with minimum styling. It’s basically a time saver.

IMG_0355 (2)

I accompanied it with sneakers to complete the sporty feel. It can be worn with a cap as well. The polyester spandex material it’s made from stretches enough to fit my lower body. This sweater can also be worn with skinny pants and if tucked, a skirt would work too.

Enjoy the look, stay a while and feel inspired. Have a great week ahead folks.


Quick tips:

To avoid stretching your sweater, fold your sweater in half. Place your hanger hook in the armpit and fold the waist and sleeves over the hanger to avoid stretching it.

Photography by Of Random Faces

Outfit details:

Sweater dress, Adidas

White sneaker, Adidas

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