Pinky Black

Every thick girl should at least own a high waist pant. The comfort they bring is phenomenal.


How are you doing this week? I am doing well especially now that I am back. Am I the only one who feels this year super speedy? I mean, just the other day we ushered in New Year and it’s almost end of April. We are done with the first quarter of the year, perhaps time to review our goals. It’s my hope that you have been able to achieve something thus far.


For today’s look, I paired these gorgeous black high waist pants with a hot pink embroidered lace top, and a blush shrug to keep the palette correlated. The finish of this top is amazing, it does not fray at all and if worn with a maxi skirt, the outcome would be bohemian look.

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I am all about secure feet and these Vincci heels straps hold my feet in place while walking. They can be worn on a night out with girlfriends, a dinner date or with a casual outfit to achieve a chic look.


Have a pleasant time here as you reflect on your life goals.

IMG_0148IMG_0166IMG_0162 (2)IMG_0140IMG_0130IMG_0127

Quick tips:

If you wear a top such as this, do wear a strapless bra to keep the straps invisible. They are always unpleasant to see.

Photography by Of Random Faces

Outfit details,

Shrug, Max

Lace top, Guess

Black pants, Guess

Shoes, Vincci

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