Royalty Masterpiece


We are currently on my birth month. Whoop whoop! I’m grateful to have lived this long. Life is a precious gift which I do not take for granted. I have so much to smile about; great health, good job, amazing friends and family. To top my gratitude list for this past year is this blog because it’s an amazing way to connect with fellow fashion enthusiasts.

I’m having mixed feelings about turning a year older.  I would have loved to stay in my 24yr a little bit longer because let’s be real, adulting gets all of us jittery, more responsibilities are awaiting ahead. However, the older I get the wiser I become and I cannot wait to see how this year will sharpen me.


Starting this month’s style collection with a creation I made. This purple dress is very close to my heart because it’s one of those ideas that turned out into a masterpiece. Again, due to designer’s syndrome, I made it hours to an event I had been invited to. This dress fits like a glove. I used polyester material because it was the only one with color I was obsessing of at the time.

Radiant orchid color represent(s) royalty, respect, admiration and dignity. Furthermore, it was the color of the year I made the dress. To uplift the design, I added details of different colored beads on the slit area, the neckline to uplift the design. This dress can be worn to work on Fridays or Saturdays and transitioned easily to suit dinner afterwards.

I accompanied it with champagne court shoes and clutch bag. I really love this masterpiece and I hope you do as well.

Enjoy the post and have a great month ahead.

Photography by, Samsonia Photography

Quick Tips:

Hand wash the dress to avoid the beads fading.

Outfit details:

Dress, Redinta creations

Clutch, Express

Shoes, Thrifted


IMG_3787 (2)IMG_3841IMG_3840IMG_3766IMG_3772IMG_3782 (2)

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