Iconic Silhouette


The shift dress has been popular the 1960s and has been seen on the runways from time to time ever since. One innovation in this style was incorporation of diagonal dart running from the side seam to the bust line.

The strength of this dress is ultimate simplicity. The ease of the fabric is super comfortable. It has a sheer -like feel and the nature of the color gives it a denim look. To spice up its simplicity, the neckline lace is a super addition. The strap can be changed to different colors and textures. And, can we talk about the silhouette? It’s not clingy and you can practically move freely without constraints.

It’s suitable for all body types, sizes and age. The cut is all about mobility and casual ease. The long sleeves can be folded to draw attention on hand accessories like a watch or bracelet or both.


The flower band detail on my head adds a bit of chic to achieve a soft look. I like it particularly because it holds down my hair and doesn’t get into contact with my face. Apart from the flower band as a hair accessory you can wear a baseball cap, a scarf wrap or bandana. I completed the look with dark brown sandals.

Quick Tips,

Feel free and easy on weekends. It’s always great to give our bodies time to relax from pants and office attire. Just remember the strength of a shift dress is in simplicity hence being a versatile and convenient wardrobe staple.

Outfit Details,

Shift dress, Express

Sandals, GUESS

Flower band, Accessorize

Photography by, OfRandomFaces

IMG_0309 (2)IMG_0305IMG_0307IMG_0308IMG_0302IMG_0300


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