Dashiki Shorts


Hello Folks, how was your half-year review? Do you have any progress concerns like I do?

Well, I just did my review few days back. I have achieved some short term goals and still working on my long term goals. Life is a journey and we have to embrace our achievements as well as our chaos. Yet keep moving without letting them hold you back or slow you down.

This Dashiki was initially a scarf my mum bought in Malindi. As a creative and handy daughter, I decided to bless myself with a short. Any African child will tell how it went down after she found out. I had to compensate with a garment. I made it a little loose for the fabric ease nature.


I paired it with a black body suit and black flat shoes. This sling bag from Masai Market is a must have. Simple and super light. It’s also durable as I have had it for nearly four years and still as great as I bought it.

Do have a great week ahead and a super final half of the year. XoXo.

Quick Tips:

See Here for prevention of ankara bleeding.

Photography by OfRandomFaces


Outfit Details:

Body Suit, New look

Shorts, Redinta handiworks

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