The Gracious One Piece


Outfit Details; 

Jumpsuit; Just Redinta Creation Shoes; Thrifted Clutch; New Look

Hello Loves,

How was your March? I hope it was filled with love and success.  Kindly answer this question and let it sink for a while.

Do you ever take your health for granted? Waking up each day and being able to get out of bed within seconds? It is really not by chance or normal. Always thank your creator for hiding you from the enemy and gifting you with great health.

All this to say my amazing mum was unwell. I had to take an emergency leave as soon as I could. I thank God as I’m writing this my mum is fully healed and she’s herself again. God has really blessed us. Special thanks to my kid sister who took care of her before and even after I went home. As hard as it was when she was alone, I thank God for giving her the strength.

On the flipside, I felt so refreshed to have gone home and saw relatives and friends after a long while. And what’s important they were all in great health. It was also a chance to unwind from work space, enjoy Kenyan cuisines and go for a photo shoot.

I purely designed and made this black satin jumpsuit that I attended a fashion show with. I did not whatsoever want it to be basic, so I added chains at the back which was half bare. Also, the sleeves are detachable when unzipped. At the time, cut outs were my thing thus the cut on the waist line to give an illusion of a two piece.

With a look that has so much detail, I kept the accessories at the minimal. I hope you enjoy this look.

Quick Tip,

It is advisable to hand wash any garment with chains or metal details for durability.

Also, If you live away from your parents or loved ones, please make a point of looking out for them by communicating.

Photography by; Jaw Reel

Location; Pride Inn Westlands


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