Neon Trend Ft Mbaire Wangui


“Start today, not tomorrow. If anything, you should have started yesterday!!” This statement speaks to me so well, especially after setting aside my excuses of not accessing a photographer at my convenience. I have the tools of trade and it was definitely time to start shooting myself.

This week’s collaboration with Mbaire Wangui, was a perfect time to challenge myself. Get out with my outfits, my camera and the tripod! First time doing, it was not easy and people staring did not make it better but I pushed through. The pictures may not be of high resolutions, and am not mad about it. Definitely looking forward to perfect this newly found hobby!


Today being on a Tuesday -early time of the week, it is crucial to have the right set of attitude and energy ready to crash the week. Hence the neon color, a 2019 fashion trend. A trend Mbaire Wangui and I are loving. Aside from skirts and dresses that I really love, for this look I decided to style a short two piece. I also threw in a graphic tee which completes the look. Needless to say the material is super comfortable. The sling bag is very practical during this summer season and its light weight is icing on the cake. Mbaire Wangui went for neon green with a beige cover up which I definitely wear. She harmonized the look brilliantly with the lime sandals. Have a look, stay a while and enjoy.





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