Animal Kingdom Ft Mbaire Wangui



The animal print got to be a classical trend that never goes out of style. From the Leopards, zebras, cow prints to the snake prints. There is a whole jungle to choose from. I will definitely invest on this print this year.

Since I am throwing away the envelope and being bold this year, I decided to pair different shades of leopard. I’m in love this these palazzo pants that has Monstera print all the way from the waistline to hem. Since the pants are loose fit, I paired them with a nude bodysuit and layered it with a ring detail leopard halter top. I really felt powerful in this look.


I also threw in a pair of leopard print sunglasses and snake print kitten shoes. Aside from how comfortable they are, they can easily go from chic to granny with a snap of a finger. It’s smart to cover the heel with a loose fitted pant or skirt. That way you enjoy both the comfort and how chic they make an outfit look.

Mbaire Wangui on the other hand styled the neon snake print dress with a high slit together with the dramatic black top. I love how well the belt cinched her waist and gives a peplum feel to it. These black court shoes are a staple and can be styled in a million ways! This look can easily be worn to the office~ Day/Night outfit. Have a look, and let me know what trend you are investing in this year. See you tomorrow. XoXo






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