Once Upon A Bow Ft. Mbaire Wangui


I am writing this post with mixed reactions and here is why; First I am grateful that Mbaire Wangui embraced this idea of exploring some of this years’ fashion trends with me. She lives far across oceans (Scotland) from where I live (UAE) and truly distance is just a word. Secondly, this post marks the end of our collaboration in this series. It also means it was the beginning of a long term relationship. Precisely why I chose the bow trend.

Bows to me represent binding great things together beautifully. This year is all about loyalty, strength and unity. I will be intentional about realizing my potential and more so how it can affect people positively. This look made me feel feminine and romantic in a playful way.

I wouldn’t have come up with how smart Mbaire Wangui styled her look. It honestly blew me away. She incorporated two trends together which was thoughtful. The animal print and the cute little bow on the hem of the cigarette pants. This look wins for me and I’ll sure try this out.

There are plenty of ways to style bows; either bold or subtle looks. Have fun and be creative with this trend. I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did. Thank you Mbaire Wangui for your valuable contribution on my blog. Until next series, lets keep trendy!

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The series we did; Pink PowerNeon Trend Ft Mbaire Wangui,Animal Kingdom Ft Mbaire WanguiFringe your way to the dance floor Ft Mbaire Wangui


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  1. I am so glad we did this! surely the start of a never ending relationship in the future! you are such a star!
    I enjoyed every bit of it xx


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