Flare It Away


Hello loves,

How is your August so far? You know that awkward feeling when its rainy and you miss a sunny season and vice versa? Well, now that the temperatures are too adverse here, I’m really ready for the winter. It is a challenge shooting in this humidity and that explains why I have been missing here. Am I making an excuse? To some extent, but the humidity is over and beyond.

I’m here with the comeback of the flare pants and how to style it in three ways. I love how clingy the pant is from waist to knee, and the high waist is icing on the cake. It accentuates your waistline and highlights the hip area.

For this first part, I styled it with this gorgeous off shoulder blush pink bodysuit top. Its full at the shoulder area creating a balance for the flare at the bottom. I then paired the look with this stylish sock tiptoe heels and a tiny black pouch. Since the denim is super soft and long, I decided to tuck it at the front part of the shoe. I accessorized with a black choker and crotchet earrings I made close to fours years ago.

I totally loved the look and I hope you did too. Look out for the next flare tip on Friday.

Quick Tip;

Always wear strapless bra whenever you wear strapless tops and dresses.

Outfit Details;

Top: New Look

Flare Pants & Socks Heels: Guess

Pouch: Guess




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