I Was Hacked!


Happy New Month, how are you? What are some of the things you are looking forward to this September?

I recently got hacked on Facebook, and I’m still wrapping up my head on how everything played out. Grab a seat as I feed you in on what I learnt with a twist of showing you these gorgeous well put together pieces.

It was on 23rd August, Friday afternoon. I remember Joanna Cosmetics had a flash sale and I had to take advantage, but unfortunately the website had a glitch while checking out so I had to keep refreshing the page. Since I still had time, I decided to go on with my daily workout routine. Upon finishing, I picked up my phone to check out the products that I had chosen. Soon after I received a message on Facebook (from one of my satin bonnet clients) asking me to like her picture that was on a particular contest. Normal, right? Or so I thought. I asked her for the link in which she sent. Now, before you begin to nod your head on this red alarm, let me give you a background story of why I clicked the link.

You see, back in 2013/2014, I participated in a design contest run by Equity bank~ Vijana na Equity Design Contest. Initially, the more votes you had on your designs, the more chances you had of winning the contest (which was later changed because some contestants bought massive votes). I literally went to cyber cafés, approached people and asked them to vote for me. I sparked conversations with random people online just so they vote. It was a hassle. From there on, I decided I will vote for people, online or offline if I have the capability. Was this an exception? Of course not. After all it was just a like on Facebook. And that’s how the hacker took control of my account.

The hacker had it all calculated, observed conversations and quickly learnt how I text. He/she sent a message to most of my close friends and once my friends replied, the hacker then continued to ask for money. The ones that the hacker felt we were not close enough to ask for money, sent the link that I was hacked with, to hack them as well. One of my friends thought it was suspicious of me to ask for money online, so she called to verify whether really I needed money. That’s how I knew my account is hacked.

Here’s the most important part of it all~ in lessons I learnt. Kindly share and save someone their coins for rainy days.

☆●Do not click links randomly. If need be, confirm with the sender first via any other form of communication especially a text message or a call.

☆●If anyone asks for money online, kindly call them and verify first.

☆●The hacker asks money to be sent on a different number, if you’re quick to send, send the money on your friend’s number and not any other.

☆●If you’re hacked, log in your account using a laptop, change password and log out. Then quickly send a text message to all your contacts. Request your close friends to post on Facebook that your account is hacked and report.

☆● Also, log in with the same account and post a status that you’re hacked and no one should send any money.

☆●The hacker normally does some changes on your account. You have to change the privacy settings of your status to be viewed by the public.

☆●Unblock your friends that might have been blocked.

☆●Change the mobile to yours because the hacker puts their number to recieve notifications.

☆●Report the matter to the police for records and hopefully the hacker will get caught.

☆●In the messenger, you’ll find messages that were sent by the hacker. Reply to your friends and let them know what had happened.

☆●Unmute the conversations that the hacker had with your friends.

Also, you’ve got to love how comfortable this look is, you’d actually travel in it effortlessly.




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