Maxi Vibes


Settled in after vacation, fully unpacked, commenced work and looking forward for winter.

Hello there,

October going on fine? I’m still feeling lazy and mostly derailing everything. You how it gets after a long vacation. Slowing catching up with life here and yet to start working out. There’s one thing though I’d like to highlight. The word on my last Sunday home, was about friendship. I truly thank God for my small circle of genuine friends. They have come through for me when I’m in joy and tears. I love them and appreciate them.

This metallic skirt is back! Previously I wore it to an Arabic wedding. Have a look here. However, on today’s post, I styled it casually. The comfort of a tee and a pair of sneakers is underrated. I threw in a laser cut burgundy jacket and a scarf print backpack. This look could attend a social day event, go to church, brunch on Saturdays or even to work depending on the nature of the job.

Tag me when you try the look. Have a great week. See you on Wednesday.

Photography by; Samsonia Media

Outfit Details;

Tee; Guess  Metallic Skirt; Max Laser cut jacket; Max Sneakers; Adidas  Backpack; Guess


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