Flare It Away

Hello loves, How is your August so far? You know that awkward feeling when its rainy and you miss a sunny season and vice versa? Well, now that the temperatures are too adverse here, I’m really ready for the winter. It is a challenge shooting in this humidity and that explains why I have been missing here….

Once Upon A Bow Ft. Mbaire Wangui

I am writing this post with mixed reactions and here is why; First I am grateful that Mbaire Wangui embraced this idea of exploring some of this years’ fashion trends with me. She lives far across oceans (Scotland) from where I live (UAE) and truly distance is just a word. Secondly, this post marks the end of our collaboration…

Fringe your way to the dance floor Ft Mbaire Wangui

Fringe originated as a way of preventing a cut piece of fabric from unraveling when a hemming was not used. Also, from its dramatic nature, can be a great company to dance floor when you swirl your hips, hands or whatever part of the garment the fringe is. Can you be classy, chic, sophisticated, playful […]

Animal Kingdom Ft Mbaire Wangui

The animal print got to be a classical trend that never goes out of style. From the Leopards, zebras, cow prints to the snake prints. There is a whole jungle to choose from. I will definitely invest on this print this year. Since I am throwing away the envelope and being bold this year, I decided…

Neon Trend Ft Mbaire Wangui

“Start today, not tomorrow. If anything, you should have started yesterday!!” This statement speaks to me so well, especially after setting aside my excuses of not accessing a photographer at my convenience. I have the tools of trade and it was definitely time to start shooting myself. This week’s collaboration with Mbaire Wangui, was a perfect time…