What I wore to Masaai Mara- Day One

Hello Loves, A vacation in a vacation was in my bucket list. Initially I thought we would go to Zanzibar with mum and kid sister. But, mum had something urgent to do in Nairobi, and because of short notice the prices to Zanzibar were quite high so we settled for Masaai Mara. I wouldn’t change…

Rainy Day Outfit

I have never felt so nostalgic about something like I did on this day. I was literally outside of the school I spent six years of my childhood. So many memories ran through my mind. I remember one lady (not student) delivered a baby at our school and was named after the headmaster. When I…

The Vertex Necklace Ft Kipato Unbranded

I’ll be honest, I will miss flaunting my chubby legs in short outfits. But before we get to the rainy season, lets get the most. On the other hand I’m excited it is colder. That means more content, easier shooting days and recording videos which I will post on my Instagram. be sure to catch them….

Ruffle It Out

Behold, Sammy’s favorite look to shoot. He was super excited and was willing to redo this look again once the sun rose (We shot early morning). We absolutely had fun shooting this look and thereafter entered a restaurant that was literally seconds away to take hot tea and Mandazis. I particularly like how Chic and feminine it…

Maxi Vibes

Settled in after vacation, fully unpacked, commenced work and looking forward for winter. Hello there, October going on fine? I’m still feeling lazy and mostly derailing everything. You how it gets after a long vacation. Slowing catching up with life here and yet to start working out. There’s one thing though I’d like to highlight….