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samsonia-8075Hello Loves,

Is January as long as we all anticipate it will be? Having being paid on 22nd December, you can guess how I am doing financially. The first thing I did was to pay my dues which were obvious, then sent my savings to the bank and left some for spending. I over spent since my family was in Dubai for Holidays. Currently I am holding on and waiting for the next salary.

However broke I currently may be, I refuse to wear boring clothes. Layering was a huge trend last year, and so will be this year. With the rains here in UAE, layering sweaters is a much needed thing to do. Here’s how I put together this look.

Photography by Samsonia Media

Blush Pants~F&F

Black mules~Thrifted

White sweater~H & M

Orange Coat~Shein

Scarf~ Grandma 

Back pack & Watch~Guess

Earrings~ Kipato Unbranded



Based on my last post, it is clearly the scarves season. This is one of my grandmas gift. It is not sewed, I just tied it at the back. But, you can always get your local tailor to sew it together for you. This look can effortlessly attend a social event like Koroga, and with cute sandals can attend Blankets and Wine.

Which look was your favorite? This last look was, for me. See you on the next one.

Denim Pants~Pull and Bear

Scarf from Grandma

Sunglasses~ Thrifted

White Cover Up~ Shein



This was my mum’s scarf I made into a top. Initially, my motive was for it to be a cover up under my bikini when I go swimming. This was back in 2015 before I came to Dubai. I knew Dubai was hot so swimming would be more often, or so I thought. Would you believe me if I told you I have only swam under 7times in four years. At times, that baffles me. But we move on swiftly regardless.

So it easily became a top I wear often. I totally love it. Enjoy the look.

White Denim~Pull and Bear

Lavender Top~ DIY

Turqioise clutch~Guess

Sneakers & Earrings~ Thrifted




Hello Loves,

How’s your year coming along?

In the next post I will let you know some of my 2020 goals. I am a firm believer of you possess what you confess and thus anything I want to do for my growth, I write it down and pray. I can testify this because most of my 2019 goals worked out. Greatly because God is faithful, and I also believe confessing them from time to time helped.

White Denim~Pull and Bear

Shoes, Beret & Bag~ Thrifted

Body Suit & Tank Top~ Shein

Also, I had a poll on Instagram on when I should post (follow me if you don’t already). I really want to increase the number of times I post and be consistent. The options were Wednesday and Saturday or Thursday and Sunday. Best believe the poll was 50% on each. I decided to run with Wednesday and Saturday until or unless that changes.

Today, I want to share ways of styling a white denim in four ways. I will split into four posts, next post will be on Monday. Have a look. It’s always great to see come back. Until then, stay safe.



This dress would probably be still hanged on the rack in one of the stores along the busy streets of Deira. My mum whom I took fashion sense from, thought the dress was too pretty to just be on the rack. She bought two, my sisters’ and I.

At first, I looked at it in disguise and asked mum if she’d lost her sense of style. She was somewhat disappointed because she knew we would not wear them like any other mum would. I decided to wear it the next day and give it a chance. I was surprised guys, I really was. It fit right, the pattern is chic, and can be dressed up or down.

Shift Dress, Plaid Jacket, Champagne court shoes and flap bag~ Thrifted

Mum was happy, I was and so was my sister. Mum keeps teasing me whenever I wear it, because of the first impression I gave it. It even made it to my blog.

Enjoy the official look and anticipate for a casual styled look with it here. Stay a while and it’s always good to see you come back.

Photography by: Jaw