Hello Loves,

How’s your year coming along?

In the next post I will let you know some of my 2020 goals. I am a firm believer of you possess what you confess and thus anything I want to do for my growth, I write it down and pray. I can testify this because most of my 2019 goals worked out. Greatly because God is faithful, and I also believe confessing them from time to time helped.

White Denim~Pull and Bear

Shoes, Beret & Bag~ Thrifted

Body Suit & Tank Top~ Shein

Also, I had a poll on Instagram on when I should post (follow me if you don’t already). I really want to increase the number of times I post and be consistent. The options were Wednesday and Saturday or Thursday and Sunday. Best believe the poll was 50% on each. I decided to run with Wednesday and Saturday until or unless that changes.

Today, I want to share ways of styling a white denim in four ways. I will split into four posts, next post will be on Monday. Have a look. It’s always great to see come back. Until then, stay safe.



Behold, Sammy’s favorite look to shoot. He was super excited and was willing to redo this look again once the sun rose (We shot early morning). We absolutely had fun shooting this look and thereafter entered a restaurant that was literally seconds away to take hot tea and Mandazis.

I particularly like how Chic and feminine it looks. Ruffles has been in season throughout this year. Apart from this top meeting that, it’s also so soft and practical. It can easily go from elegant to casual. I paired it with ragged denim, and champagne court shoes. I also threw in sunglasses and a bangle to accessorize.

What would you replace the pants with?

Photography by; Samsonia Media

Quick Tip;

Utilize ruffles before the year ends. Also, always wear a smile.

Outfit Details;

Ruffle Top; Shein

Ragged denim; Guess

Champagne Court Shoes & Sunglasses; Thrifted



Hello loves,

How is your August so far? You know that awkward feeling when its rainy and you miss a sunny season and vice versa? Well, now that the temperatures are too adverse here, I’m really ready for the winter. It is a challenge shooting in this humidity and that explains why I have been missing here. Am I making an excuse? To some extent, but the humidity is over and beyond.

I’m here with the comeback of the flare pants and how to style it in three ways. I love how clingy the pant is from waist to knee, and the high waist is icing on the cake. It accentuates your waistline and highlights the hip area.

For this first part, I styled it with this gorgeous off shoulder blush pink bodysuit top. Its full at the shoulder area creating a balance for the flare at the bottom. I then paired the look with this stylish sock tiptoe heels and a tiny black pouch. Since the denim is super soft and long, I decided to tuck it at the front part of the shoe. I accessorized with a black choker and crotchet earrings I made close to fours years ago.

I totally loved the look and I hope you did too. Look out for the next flare tip on Friday.

Quick Tip;

Always wear strapless bra whenever you wear strapless tops and dresses.

Outfit Details;

Top: New Look

Flare Pants & Socks Heels: Guess

Pouch: Guess



Hello loves,

Yes!! I feel so refreshed and proud of myself. Anyone living in UAE can tell you having a license is such an achievement. I couldn’t hide my excitement thus it’s the first thing on the blog today.

Anyway, in this post, I wore a denim jumpsuit in an edgy way. Lemme jump right into it.

Well, the first time I saw this denim jumpsuit in a Guess Store, I knew someday I’ll have it in my closet. Every lady who tried it on looked amazing, it hugged the curves the right way. Shortly it was sold out. My Kenyan colleague and I were waiting for replenishment, and as soon as we received it we both bought it and saved some coins as it was discounted.


I threw in an 80’s inspired hip mesh black top with red trims at the sleeve length and a slogan at the back. I matched it with black wedge ankle boots that have zipper detail which adds style into it. I also incorporated an enchanted forest inspired cape with green glitters at the front to complete the edgy look. This look is a weekender. It can be worn when going for a barbecue event, casual meet-ups with a group of fashion enthusiasts, or simply stunt in theaters and art Go Downs. I absolutely love how it came about, and I hope you do too.

Thanks for stopping by. Xx

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: Guess

Mesh Top: Splash

Cape: Guess

Wedge ankle boots: Milano

Quick Tips: Always try out different things with your wardrobe, you might be surprised how skilled you are at putting style together.

Photography by:JawReel

IMG_0192IMG_0188IMG_0190 (2)IMG_0170IMG_0191IMG_0188 (2)IMG_0180IMG_0172IMG_0183IMG_0176IMG_0183


Hello Folks,

This UAE heat is going up to 50 degrees current days. That’s what I’ll be dealing with until mid-November. Otherwise, I’m doing well. Especially because I flew down to my home country Kenya to take a breather and came back after a day. There’s nothing as satisfying as going home after a long time and finding everyone in great health. I take health so personal and with so much significance. God is surely faithful. I hope your week was as great as mine.

In this post, it’s all about taking it back to the basics. This off shoulder trend manages to show a subtle amount of skin without creating an over the top feel. Whether you go for a chic look or fashionable everyday look, with an off shoulder top you’ll create a statement appeal over and over again.


This red with pearls top in a comfortable and lightweight polyester is perfect for a casual everyday look. Especially for conservative people who still desire to be trendy as it has a shoulder part on it. The pearls has a soft romantic feel, which drew me to buy this top. I paired this top with basic skinny black jeans, with a zipper detail at the back ~Ultimate comfort. I also wore colorful Masai sandals and a red brown sling bag to compliment the red top. These creative hair accessories with a pop of color made with beads completed the look.


Quick Tip:

Hand wash the top as the pearls are distributed in every front part of the top.

Also, be very careful when ironing as the pearls could get faded.

Outfit Details:

Red pearl top: Thrifted

Black skinny pants: Thrifted

Masai sandals: Masai market, Kenya

Sling bag: Milano

Hair accessories: Own you culture, Kenya

Enjoy the post and do have a great week ahead as we usher in new month. Thank you for stopping by.


First let me start by saying how excited I am to share my personal style journey, among other exciting things through this blog with you. See, for a long while I’ve had a desire to blog. That has always stalled till this year. But I believe time is always right. This is an outlet to express myself through all things fashion.


Hello loves,

I constantly throw ‘I dont have anything to wear’ rants in the morning. If you’re like me, jeans and tees combo is the answer, literally. Let’s start with how jeans never go out of style. Been stylish in the past like the hippie, are here today in their rugged form, and can’t wait to see what the next generation will transform them into. Jeans have expression, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity!


Jeans and Tees are every girl’s closet must have. You’re always good to go in them. In this post I paired a white tee with blue jeans. It provides maximum comfort and its on-the-go look. You can rock this all the time and still feel stylish. I added a floral jacket to layer the look and of course keep warm incase the weather decides to be ‘bipolar’, and white sneakers as well. You can play around with the as you please. Tuck, untuck or tie up the t-shirt, accessorize if the t-shirt is plain, wear a pair of court shoes if you’re going for a chic look, and with sneakers, you can rock a back pack.

Jeans and Tees classic combo are for lazy days and yet such a versatile option for your wardrobe. Without further delay, let me introduce Just Redinta. I’m so excited to be on this ride with you as I explore fashion and style.

IMG_0060 (2)



Outfit Details;

Denim pants @guess, White tee from splash, Jacket from splash

Bag @guess, Shoes @Adidas

Photography by; OfRandomFaces

Quick denim tips

Good jeans are an investment and we need to take care of them as so.

  • Wipe with a damp cloth
  • Air dry
  • Wash while flipped out, if need be.

If you have any other quick tips, kindly comment below.

Thank you for stopping by, see you in the next post.