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samsonia-8075Hello Loves,

Is January as long as we all anticipate it will be? Having being paid on 22nd December, you can guess how I am doing financially. The first thing I did was to pay my dues which were obvious, then sent my savings to the bank and left some for spending. I over spent since my family was in Dubai for Holidays. Currently I am holding on and waiting for the next salary.

However broke I currently may be, I refuse to wear boring clothes. Layering was a huge trend last year, and so will be this year. With the rains here in UAE, layering sweaters is a much needed thing to do. Here’s how I put together this look.

Photography by Samsonia Media

Blush Pants~F&F

Black mules~Thrifted

White sweater~H & M

Orange Coat~Shein

Scarf~ Grandma 

Back pack & Watch~Guess

Earrings~ Kipato Unbranded



Hello Loves,

How’s your year coming along?

In the next post I will let you know some of my 2020 goals. I am a firm believer of you possess what you confess and thus anything I want to do for my growth, I write it down and pray. I can testify this because most of my 2019 goals worked out. Greatly because God is faithful, and I also believe confessing them from time to time helped.

White Denim~Pull and Bear

Shoes, Beret & Bag~ Thrifted

Body Suit & Tank Top~ Shein

Also, I had a poll on Instagram on when I should post (follow me if you don’t already). I really want to increase the number of times I post and be consistent. The options were Wednesday and Saturday or Thursday and Sunday. Best believe the poll was 50% on each. I decided to run with Wednesday and Saturday until or unless that changes.

Today, I want to share ways of styling a white denim in four ways. I will split into four posts, next post will be on Monday. Have a look. It’s always great to see come back. Until then, stay safe.



Yass!! The orange jacket is here yet again. This time, it brought along a ragged denim, off shoulder black body suit, champagne court shoes and a graphic top handle sling bag.

Here’s another way of styling the jacket and I hope you liked it. See you next Wednesday if not sooner. Cheers!

Bangle; Kipato Unbranded   Denim; Guess Champagne Court shoes & Sling Bag; Thrifted  Neon Jacket, Earrings & Off shoulder body suit; Shein


I realized in August, almost all my bottoms are in white color. It had become a favorite color overtime unconsciously and I’m loving it.

So today, it’s an all white party. With this high waist self belted carrot pants and a white slogan tee that screams ‘Good Vibes Only’. We all need a bucket of overflowing great vibes if not a tank. This look is super comfy especially with these bata sneakers which have become my shoe uniform.


I have quite a number of sunglasses which I never fully utilized during summer, and I’m hoping I will this season. This tortoiseshell frame flat lens eye-wear being one of them. Also, you should own these priapple white studs from Kipato Unbranded. 

Photography by; Jaw

Quick Tips;

Be kind. Spread Love.

Outfit Details;

Carrot pants & Slogan Tee; Shein  Sneakers; Bata  Priapple Studs; Kipato Unbranded



Are there ideal office outfits? I’m sure if I were to work in an office this would be my go to look especially on Fridays.

A super comfortable carrot pant with a very high waist and a tie strap at the waist combined with a leopard print polyester blouse. I am still taking maximum advantage of animal print before the year ends.

Also, kitten shoes are perfect for office because they’re stylish and you can spend a full day with them. I like the sharp pointed heels for elongating my legs as well as make them slimmer than they actually are.

Kitten Shoes: Milano  White Pineapple Studs& Tricolad Necklace: Kipato unbranded

Notice how the necklace is settle yet adds some class to the outfit, and the earrings really adds dimension and compliments my short hair. I love this look. Totally!

Photography: Jaw

Carrot Pants: Shein  Leopard Blouse: Thrifted



Are you a lover of a look of just one color like I am?

Well, here’s how I styled a not so new metallic skirt in this blog (catch it The Metallic Skirt). I’m a crafter, and I have a tenancy of refashioning my clothes if I do not like how they look anymore. This gorgeous metallic skirt was at tea length, but due to the nature of the material, it felt so tedious and never wore it as often as I would like to. I cut the length just some cms below the knee. I must say I like it better this way.

I paired it with these comfortable, soft feeling high neck slim fit bodysuit. Since I was going for a monochromatic look, these champagne court shoes did it for me. Also, can we talk about these beautiful pieces from Kipato Unbranded? On the left, its a Double Berry Necklace that has a great view from the front as well as the back on the right. In the middle, is Af-ry-kah studs, Bar Ring, and Pembe Necklace.

Enjoy the two looks and let me know which one you’d try it.

Photography By; Jaw

Quick Tips; 

Iron any metallic garment inside out. Store it in a hanger.

Outfit Details; 

Slim fit bodysuit; Shein  Metallic Skirt; Koton  Champagne Court Shoes; Thrifted   Double Berry Necklace, Af-ry-kah studs, Bar Ring and Pembe Necklace; Kipato Unbranded



When the rains are over, we are all ready for sunshine so we pull out our maxi skirts from the closet. Its effortlessly stylish, especially with the buttoned high slit and pockets on both sides. The color blends in well with the green colored Ankara covered buttons. Free up your body from the tight working pants and have a great brunch with family and friends on Sunday.

I styled the lulu skirt with a layered navy blue sleeveless camisole. To complete the look, I added the braided huge hoops and a coco bangle from Kipato Unbranded. The look is simple yet stylish.


Enjoy the look, and check out Jokenia Designs and Kipato Unbranded.

Photography by; By Jaw

Location; Spinners Web

Quick Tip;

You look so much better when you smile.



Hello good people,

If you follow me on Instagram you may know I have already shaved my hair. If not, let me introduce my amazing TWA. I decided to big chop because ironically my hair was short and thin at the front, thick and long at the back. There were times I became a lazy naturalista and so to some extent I am to blame. This is my fresh start, I am truly looking forward for growth and everything in between.


While I was at home I did reach out to Kipato Unbranded and Jokenia for a collaboration. I am about to bless you with amazing made in Kenya pieces in the coming blog posts. Let’s start with this earthy, free and gorgeous lulu dress. A dress that has pockets on the side seam is always a win. It has a high buttoned slit that is adjustable. Also, the nape of my neck is one of my favorite body parts, the off shoulder detail flaunts it in a way that makes me happy.

What a better way to add drama to my TWA than with these gorgeous extra large braided hoops from Kipato? TWA queens we surely need a lot of them. When I wore them they weren’t as heavy as I thought they would be.

Photography By; By Jaw

Location; Spinners Web

Quick Tips:

Flaunt what you’ve got.

Outfit Details;

Lulu Dress; Jokenia   Braided hoop earings; Kipato Unbranded  Sandals; Masaai Market