Based on my last post, it is clearly the scarves season. This is one of my grandmas gift. It is not sewed, I just tied it at the back. But, you can always get your local tailor to sew it together for you. This look can effortlessly attend a social event like Koroga, and with cute sandals can attend Blankets and Wine.

Which look was your favorite? This last look was, for me. See you on the next one.

Denim Pants~Pull and Bear

Scarf from Grandma

Sunglasses~ Thrifted

White Cover Up~ Shein



Are you a monochrome fan like I am? As much as I love color, I would totally wear a monochromatic look from Monday to Monday.

Happy New Year!! It was a great 2019 for me and it is my prayer that 2020 exceeds my expectations. Any goals you’ve jotted down? Let me know on the comment section. I am still wrapping up my head with having found a better job, my sister and mum are still here with me, and the fact that I am planning half year content. I will probably write them on February, but sure I will let you know.

On today’s post, I wore this look to my friends themed baby shower, and I felt absolutely comfortable and cute. Away from the usual way of wearing a dress, I opted for a short with ruffle detail at the side seam and an off shoulder lace top. Since I wanted to keep the look soft and feminine, I wore white sandals with a pearl details, a white embroidered bag and white pearl earrings.

Would you wear this to a baby shower?

Quick Tip;

Do not forget to zip your zippers like I did in this shoot. (look closer) Hahaha!!

Outfit Details;

Lace top, short and white sandals; Shein  Watch; Guess  Bag; Thrifted  Earrings; Max



Are there ideal office outfits? I’m sure if I were to work in an office this would be my go to look especially on Fridays.

A super comfortable carrot pant with a very high waist and a tie strap at the waist combined with a leopard print polyester blouse. I am still taking maximum advantage of animal print before the year ends.

Also, kitten shoes are perfect for office because they’re stylish and you can spend a full day with them. I like the sharp pointed heels for elongating my legs as well as make them slimmer than they actually are.

Kitten Shoes: Milano  White Pineapple Studs& Tricolad Necklace: Kipato unbranded

Notice how the necklace is settle yet adds some class to the outfit, and the earrings really adds dimension and compliments my short hair. I love this look. Totally!

Photography: Jaw

Carrot Pants: Shein  Leopard Blouse: Thrifted