samsonia-8075Hello Loves,

Is January as long as we all anticipate it will be? Having being paid on 22nd December, you can guess how I am doing financially. The first thing I did was to pay my dues which were obvious, then sent my savings to the bank and left some for spending. I over spent since my family was in Dubai for Holidays. Currently I am holding on and waiting for the next salary.

However broke I currently may be, I refuse to wear boring clothes. Layering was a huge trend last year, and so will be this year. With the rains here in UAE, layering sweaters is a much needed thing to do. Here’s how I put together this look.

Photography by Samsonia Media

Blush Pants~F&F

Black mules~Thrifted

White sweater~H & M

Orange Coat~Shein

Scarf~ Grandma 

Back pack & Watch~Guess

Earrings~ Kipato Unbranded



Hello Loves,

How’s your year coming along?

In the next post I will let you know some of my 2020 goals. I am a firm believer of you possess what you confess and thus anything I want to do for my growth, I write it down and pray. I can testify this because most of my 2019 goals worked out. Greatly because God is faithful, and I also believe confessing them from time to time helped.

White Denim~Pull and Bear

Shoes, Beret & Bag~ Thrifted

Body Suit & Tank Top~ Shein

Also, I had a poll on Instagram on when I should post (follow me if you don’t already). I really want to increase the number of times I post and be consistent. The options were Wednesday and Saturday or Thursday and Sunday. Best believe the poll was 50% on each. I decided to run with Wednesday and Saturday until or unless that changes.

Today, I want to share ways of styling a white denim in four ways. I will split into four posts, next post will be on Monday. Have a look. It’s always great to see come back. Until then, stay safe.



I realized in August, almost all my bottoms are in white color. It had become a favorite color overtime unconsciously and I’m loving it.

So today, it’s an all white party. With this high waist self belted carrot pants and a white slogan tee that screams ‘Good Vibes Only’. We all need a bucket of overflowing great vibes if not a tank. This look is super comfy especially with these bata sneakers which have become my shoe uniform.


I have quite a number of sunglasses which I never fully utilized during summer, and I’m hoping I will this season. This tortoiseshell frame flat lens eye-wear being one of them. Also, you should own these priapple white studs from Kipato Unbranded. 

Photography by; Jaw

Quick Tips;

Be kind. Spread Love.

Outfit Details;

Carrot pants & Slogan Tee; Shein  Sneakers; Bata  Priapple Studs; Kipato Unbranded